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The 3032E compact series tractor was designed with one thing in mind: the customer. Featuring a budget-friendly price, customer-driven updates, and industrial-level power, this master multitasker is the perfect piece of equipment for any land owner.

The 3032E is a compact tractor, meaning maximum maneuverability and storage options. However, with a Deere, you never have to compromise on build or power, even with a smaller model. The 3032E boasts an impressive, emissions-compliant Final Tier 4 engine with 31.1 (22.3 kW) horsepower, with full implement capabilities and standard 4-wheel drive.

Anyone can operate one of these reliable machines with our easy to use controls. Twin Touch™ pedals provide operators with simple, comfortable-to-use dual pedal technology. One pedal moves forward and another moves in reverse, making direction and speed a breeze to control for even the inexperienced operator. Throttle, shifting, hydraulics, and power-take-off controls are also all color coded for quick recognition.

Change out all of the innovative John Deere implements you could need with John Deere iMatch Quick-Hitch technology. iMatch makes hooking and unhooking hitch-based implements quick and painless, so you can get back to making things happen even faster. The 3E series is compatible with mowers, rear blades, posthole diggers and the option for a factory-installed loader so you never have to settle.

With the practical and powerful 3032E, there is no chore, terrain or budget you can’t manage. At Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag, we want to make it even easier for you to get your hands on one of these top-notch machines. For a limited time only, a 3032E could be yours for as little as $195 a month! Call us today at (662) 314-9078, or visit one of our 15 locations for more information about this great tractor.


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As a growing John Deere dealer, Mississippi AG is committed to serving our customers with professional sales, parts and service departments. Our knowledgeable staff is here to meet all our customers’ needs. We strive to make sure that your equipment will meet or exceed your expectations. Taking care of our customers is always our first concern.

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