This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not listed below, please contact us.

Where would I go to change the look of my home pages?
Where would I go to see the Selected Recording Source of a Machine?
What is the most common error when trying to record documentation?
What is the easiest place to make equipment and documentation changes in a GS2?
Where would diagnostic codes and problems be found in a GS2?
Where do you find the RTK network information for an ITC Receiver?
How often should a TCM calibration be performed?
How do you swap between SF1/SF2 and RTK?
Where do you set Receiver Offsets?
Where do you perform moisture and yield calibrations in a 60 series combine?
Where do you perform moisture and yield calibrations in a 70 series combine?
What is different between Combine and Tractor Autotrac?
How many operations can be defined during harvest for recording?
Where are all Moisture and Autotrac Diagnostic performed in the GS2?
What must be done when entering previously sprayed field for Swath Control Pro?
On a sprayer with dual displays which display should be set the Primary?
How do you set your different rates in a GS 2?
How can I clean out a Fertilizer Rig with a Greenstar Rate Controller on it?
How do I spray a Map Based Prescription within a Greenstar Rate Controller?


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